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Bundle app for Gift Baskets on POS

I need to be able to create a single barcode for a "bundle" of items. Scan a single barcode and the entire list of items shows up on the POS, and check out like normal.

I am looking for an inventory tracking system that allows me to create bundled items - not a bundle discount/savings feature.

Festive Gift Boxes

Our Marketing team wants to create gift hampers for the upcoming festive seasons, we do this quite regularly so this needs to be a simple plug in solution that goes with our brand theme.

I want to create a package and sell the item as a gift box. All I can find are apps that flag these items as "get $ or a percentage off your purchase" - not what I am looking for.

I'm selling a Snack Box my shopify store , the Snack Box has various items which my store also sells individually. Any suggestions on how I can track inventory ?

Multiple locations bundle app

I manage a store with multiple locations. Looking for a bundle app that will support multiple locations fulfillment

We sell a lot of bundles so I need a system that can auto build bundles from stock and track inventory as appropriate. I'd rather it did not send me broke paying for it too. ;-)

Struggling to track inventory with bundle sales!

We are growing, and taking in more products, so we need the system to be able to automaticly track our inventory all the time.

A Plan For Merchant Teams of all Sizes.

Welcome Plan

Great for Team which are just starting out with bundles or just want to try out the product.

Always free plan
Upto 300 USD monthly bundles sales
Unlimited Omni-Channel Bundles
Real Time Multi Location Bundle Inventory Sync
Email Support.

Pay As You Grow Plan

Great for Teams who have started seeing bundle product sales and are hitting monthly ceiling of $300 bundle sales with free plan.

No Monthly Fixed Charges , Its Simple, if your bundles are on hold or you just want to focus on other products this month, App is free.
Automatically switches you to the lowest possible pricing based upon your monthly usage.
Max Billing for bundle sales is USD 499 Monthly
Premium Support with optional 30 minutes onboarding call to help you figure how app can fit into your bundle startegy.

Pricing Calculator

Upto 300 USD300 USD - 4999 USD5000 USD +
App Pricng Tiers for Monthly Bundle Sales (Per 10 USD)Free0.20 USD (2.0%)0.15 USD (1.5%)


Frequently Asked Questions

We only charge on the sales we make for you. A bundle sale is simply a customer order containing bundle product.

They are based upon the plan you have chosen and are calculate daily based upon total bundle sales for that day.

Yes we do, we understand how important this is as we were also shopify merchants.
Make. Bundles. Work.
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